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The most famously dead person this week.

May 2, 2011

A little surprised by the absolute delight expressed by the public in the USA about OBL’s death. I wonder what influence the man himself actually had on individual terrorist groups or cells? For example, does his death leave a void at the top of his organization? Maybe temporarily it does , but I would imagine that all members of the entire command structure shared his beliefs and opinions on most subjects, and so there would likely be no ideological change or vacuum now he has left this earth. So, if the danger that so many people felt existed has not actually diminished, why the delight? I am guessing that it’s because many people had been taught to, and had therefore learned to hate his name and his existence. Hate is a powerful and negative emotion, and in my opinion any gleeful celebration of another person’s death (no matter how evil they are perceived to be) belittles the celebrant. I can understand it, but I think it’s a sad and dark place to be. Frankly I’d be happier about the CIA giving up it’s apparent divine right to meddle in other country’s internal affairs – that seems to me to have caused an awful lot more heartache around the world over the last fifty years.