Equality? Not seeing it here…

Recently two young police officers were murdered in cold blood in Manchester, England. They were simply going about their regular duties – based upon my own experience, by the looks of things it was a call of the nature of a possible intruder in an empty property. Certainly the officers seemingly had no reason to suspect that a famously wanted man with a huge reward on his head was inside the property, heavily armed and ready to kill.

Unarmed, they were ruthlessly killed by a piece of human scum already believed responsible for at least two prior deaths. They could not have harmed him – they were not equipped to do so. But he killed them anyway, one assumes because of their roles and the uniforms they wore. This will have to be proved for justice to take its course, but from my own experience of policing and reading between the lines of what has been released to the public, this piece of human crap is guilty as hell – and he needs removing from society for ever.

The investigation will be long and detailed. Hopefully the lowlife will never see freedom again. Hopefully any calls for the UK police to routinely carry firearms will be argued away. But…

These officers were young women, and sadly the media focus has been upon how awful it is that two WOMEN have been killed. This is troubling; firstly because it presupposes that the violent loss of a female life is somehow ‘worse’ than that of a male. It also indicates that the UK media do not treat female police officers as equals to their male colleagues. It is an attitude which I find unpleasant on both counts.

Why would a male life be worth less than a female? In my opinion that is an outrageous assumption to work from and would not be countenanced if the opposite were suggested.

Why are females patronised with this ‘we must protect them more than their male colleagues’ attitude?

Two questions I would enjoy debating with anyone holding an opposing opinion to my own. I remain, however, disappointed that society seems to be stuck in the very early twentieth century, after all the  work (some good, some bad, some really over top) which has been done to foster equality in our society. We are, of course not there yet – inequalities still exist and in some ways the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction, but this kind of approach demonstrates that some in the media at least are backward-thinking.

I have worked many times alongside female colleagues and have been supervised by females in a huge variety of situations. Gender was never an issue – why would it be?

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