Back to a certain reality

Well it’s been a blast! More than a year ago I hung up my …erm…mouse and driving shoes, and resigned from my specialist position with a multinational retailer. It was a very busy time for me – emotionally as well as in every other sense. It was a great idea and I am so pleased I did it.

Since that time I have renewed my relationships with my children, been available for them as much as is humanly possible, finalised a divorce, married again and spent a lot of time with my lovely wife. My health has improved, my emotional health is unbelievably improved, and I am happy.

But now we need money. And so I am back at work in an industry I have little affinity towards but within which I seem able to maintain a moderate level of success. Oh well.

What was that lyric? “Back to work, back to reality…” well it was close enough. I once again have a boss, expectations of me – reasonable and otherwise, and too much time away from home.  How long will this turn of events last? Well I don’t know. If only I could invent/innovate/develop that website that everyone doesn’t yet know they absolutely need…or/and maybe I should finish that book that I genuinely do have two thirds completed?

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5 Comments on “Back to a certain reality”

  1. queen of string Says:

    Yes, you should finish that book. I am convinced that I am not the only person who would genuinely laugh out loud and it seems such a shame I’m the only one who gets to read it. Nose, grindstone, nuff said.

  2. Look, if I’m gonna do this album, you gotta do that book! Although admittedly if you’re two thirds complete, you’ve made around 66% more progress than I have.

  3. You’ve stopped blogging! Shame! You were good. Obviously that new job is taking it out of you…

    • Leo Simmons Says:

      Merely a hiatus dear boy – a small blockage in the bowel movement of life (hmmm I may need to change my ‘book of appropriate metaphors’ for a newer version…). Abnormal service may soon be resumed…and thank you for the kind word (that being: “good”).

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