Can anyone explain?

So…yesterday somebody (you know who you are – but I don’t) had a rummage through this entire blog, in the process wildly (why is that word hard for me to type? It took me four tries!) changing the viewing stats – which tells you something about this blog’s viewing stats…

I was very pleased – very. Why? Because not only was it a noce feeling to have someone go to that trouble, but also because it made sense – and for me, lately, so few things about the internet seem to do so! Usually I put my bewilderment down to my undeniable encroaching dinosaur-hood, but on other occasions there seems to be little or no rhyme, reason or even pattern to website viewing numbers.

Yesterday the sudden rash of hits corresponded nicely with the total number of posts I have on here, and I can tell also what has been viewed each day – so at least I could grasp the fact that someone was reading all of my posts (and hopefully enjoying them – I mean otherwise why read something you’re not enjoying)?

But here’s the thing – the numbers of views are totally unpredictable, and that is what has me running my hands through what’s left of my hair on many occasions. I don’t write this blog to make money – in fact as a format it’s not possible to make money from it, but it is nice to feel that someone (even if it’s only one person) has read something I have written, and has enjoyed it.

It’s the same with three of my four other websites – there’s just no apparent way to predict what the traffic flow will be. I can write what I feel is a good piece of work and have very little response, or I may write something that feels very lazy and slapdash, only to have it apparently devoured by my readership (whom I sometimes think is one lonely person shut in a small office and who reads blogs at work due to excessive boredom – no, not you Gary!)…I mean that’s just confusing!

It’s hard to know what people do or don’t like and even harder without feedback or comments, which seems to be the norm these days. Maybe I’ll have a eureka moment one day soon? In the meantime folks, if you haven’t already done so, check out the other websites I am responsible for (,, – and please be assured that I welcome any feedback! I very much hope you enjoy this and any of my work..

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One Comment on “Can anyone explain?”

  1. Ah yes, viewing stats, it does sometimes seem kinda random. Before I started blogging, I got the impression that people would somehow just find your blog, read it, find it amusing/informative/whatever and start following you with interest (“if you blog it, they will come”). You write about things that interest you and hope/expect there to be a number of like minds that want to read your stuff, maybe get in touch, do the old “I’ll link to your blog if you link to mine” thing (by the way, we should both edit our “blog rolls” so we have links to each others blogs!).

    Doesn’t yet seem to have happened for me – I think I’ve got maybe 5 people who have subscribed to my blog, and it’s been going for best part of a year. One thing that does seem to get the hit rate up, for me at least, is to post over a weekend, when a lot of people have plenty of free time and might read your blog for something to do. And do the publish to Facebook thing (which you already do). I find if I post during the week, especially daytime, it goes unnoticed.

    Most hits in a day I ever had (89) was when I posted about Glastonbury, just after the music festival there had finished. This was most likely people coming back from the festival and wanting to share memories. So another tip there is to at least mention something that is in/of the zeitgeist (how do you use that word in a sentence?).

    Oh, and lastly, coz I’m subscribed to your blog, I can just read each blog you post from my email. But, as a good friend, I always click on the email link to go to your actual blog to boost your stats – hope you do likewise!

    Keep blogging, I like your writing style, you come across as a very bright person… which – come on, be honest – never really happened at school!

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