News of the World?

So it’s just been announced that News International is to close the NoW from this weekend. Big deal. It’s long past time that the British public stopped supporting this crappy lazy style of ‘journalism’. The paper was misnamed – it rarely carried news, specializing as it did in vicious gossip and intrusive vitriol. The fact that it was very popular does not make it right, and for me it’s good riddance to the worst kind of rubbish. TV, radio and other newspaper journalists will now wring their hands over the loss of the tabloid (“in print for 168 years!” – so what?), throwing  around cliches such as “the public interest” and “the public has a right to know”. I also expect to hear about censorship and legitimate journalism. It’s all a smokescreen for a crappy industry within which real non-biased and apolitical news reporting is a rare and wonderful thing.

Because they have a direct line to all the media outlets, journalists will now make a huge fuss and hastily rush to directly or indirectly glorify their profession – something I’ve never understood the baisis for. Why is journalism deemed to be a noble profession? I can see little or no reason for it.

The short, and very blunt answer to the vast majority of controversial issues arising from this kind of ‘news’paper’s activities is that the public has NO right to know about the private lives of other people if they are not engaged in criminal acts. The NoW however, sells itself with countless numbers of these kinds of so-called stories. Such publications are in my opinion immoral, unethical and pander only to the public’s greed for gossip – there is no genuine argument for sustaining this kind of newspaper. I’m very happy to see them squirming right now, but I know the story will end one day, and normal service will be resumed…

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