I know I’m being too sensitive.

I recently constructed a website aimed at small business. The purpose of the website is to provide small business owners with a free resource to assist them to fight losses within their organization. It’s a subject I’m very familiar with and in which I have some expertise and a good deal of experience. I went to some expense and no little time to design the site, and fill it with advice – almost all of it free. I have maybe five or six documents for sale, as well as some advertised products which run parallel to but not as part of, the website.

The website stats show that the interest is out there, but have I sold anything? Not a bean! Sometimes it can be difficult not to let that bottom lip tremble slightly…

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2 Comments on “I know I’m being too sensitive.”

  1. Tip: when you’re writing about your other websites, put the web address in there somewhere, so that interested parties can go and have a gander at what you’re on about. Please note, I won’t be parting with any of my hard-earned cash. Nor will I be parting with any of my forthcoming redundancy payment – it’s gotta last me the next couple of years you know!

  2. elsimmo Says:

    I was being coy. Anyway it’s http://www.losspreventioninsmallbusiness.com Try to guess what it’s about from the title – it’s a bit cryptic innit?

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