What happens when the Ogre wants what it cannot buy?

I live within 20km of the border with the USA and I worry about that. I’m worried about the mid term future as a direct result of my geographical location. The reason is the not-so-slumbering Ogre just down the road. It’s a grumpy Ogre that has a habit of getting its own way no matter what, because its own interests always trump anyone else’s – even internationally recognized laws and concepts of morality. The Ogre has the biggest guns and the most bombs and missiles. The Ogre has more power to kill people than any other creature of its kind, and is not shy of doing so, whether overtly or otherwise. Added to this is that the Ogre doesn’t think it is wrong – ever, and the end (namely; its own interests) justifies any means – hence the CIA. Even posting this blog with these letters within it probably has this blog – and me – on a list of some kind within a very short time. Yes I have reason to be worried.

What I’m most concerned about is something as fundamental as breathing – it’s water. The U.S. is running out of water to satisfy its rapacious greed. Food is also a major coming problem for the U.S. My country has both – and lots of it. It is ours to own, ours to sell or not to sell – but if the Ogre is thirsty and hungry, the Ogre may take what it wants if it is not given. We have an unprotected border with the Americans, a border which can be stepped across, or driven across in the blink of an eye. What is international law to the Ogre when thirst or hunger beckons? The Ogre has to drink – its a matter of survival. Yes, I am worried.

America may very soon not be able to afford to buy our goods and so buying our food or our water will become impossible. America continues to fund its current critical credit problem by issuing more credit, just as it has done for decades in the belief that somehow it will all turn out OK in the end. Another kind of end must surely be in sight for this seemingly suicidal system, driven entirely by political cowardice and capitalism run amok. What happens when the Ore can no longer buy – or borrow – what it needs? History has shown that the Ogre is an opportunistic  bully and when the chips are down it will simply take without asking.

Yes, I am worried.

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