Gotta love the media – or not.

Following the riots in Vancouver the police are now under scrutiny for their reponse. How boring – it’s so easy to throw criticisms around, it’s a cheap news ‘story’ using old footage and a few opinion-to-camera pieces. Try to be original please! How about attempting to see the front line officer’s view for real? Policing a riot is bloody difficult and extremely dangerous – let’s make that very clear and have it as a starting point.

And as for the post mortem ‘why do good people go bad?’ please consider that the people involved in assaults and rioting and looting are not good people gone bad, they’re people with behavioural issues who were caught on camera acting in a case of group hysteria. Call a spade a spade please – the people responsible are criminals and do not deserve to have media – led apologists making excuses for them.

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