Crazy Canucks?

Last night, the local NHL hockey team lost out in the final game of the season’s final, the contest for the Stanley Cup. We didn’t watch the game because our interest in the sport is almost zero but when I heard about the loss I turned to my long-suffering wife and said “There’ll be rioting in Vancouver”. I’m sad to say that I was correct. It seems that there is a group of people in every city which will take any opportunity to ‘justifiably’ riot, loot and generally cause mayhem, ostensibly venting their anguish over any subject or issue.

I’m not sure where Vancouver in particular has developed this phenomenon. I can recall similar disorder (probably on a smaller scale) happening some years ago when – of all things – a Guns ‘n Roses concert was cancelled at the last second. So people rioted. Yesterday they lost the hockey competition, so again they rioted. Vancouver is a city I can appreciate for it’s lifestyle and location. The people of Canada tend to be warm, open and friendly. This kind of public disorder is out of character, somewhat shocking and yet also faintly ridiculous – it was just a game, after all, and when the dust settles.

It seems evident that the rioters are for the most part typical criminally – minded individuals (that’s individuals spelled ‘assholes’) with a sprinkling of drunken idiots and wannabes thrown into the ix. No doubt many of them feel that they have acquired some kind of credibility by their involvement. Like I said, individuals.

The part of this which affects me and has affected me most is the oppressive atmosphere that builds up around supporting the local team. Over the last few months I have been endlessly exhorted in the media to jump on the band wagon and shout the mindless “Go Canucks Go” slogan, honk my car horn, and put team flags on the car. The thing is, I don’t care if the team wins the cup because I don’t value professional hockey, just as, for example, I don’t value professional soccer. Both professional sports are nothing more than money generating businesses, followed with a fervour I simply can’t understand or empathize with.

The whole tribal thing is something I struggle with. I used to follow a football team when I was a child, and I grew out of the need to be part of the gang, to sing the same songs, to wear the same colours. Individuality became more important to me. I’m no social rebel, I choose to not identify myself very strongly through my external appearance, and the idea of following the crowd is rather repugnant and certainly undesirable. For anyone who feels the opposite, good on ya – fill your boots etc., I hope you enjoy your pastime. But (and it’s a big round hairy butt with hairs) –  STOP expecting me to join in! I don’t wish to! End of!

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3 Comments on “Crazy Canucks?”

  1. Hey! Something happened in Canada that made the news over here! Though I only read about it coz Michael Buble’s folks were at the game and got caught up in it and he’s offering cash for the public to name names.

    I actually like Mickey Bubbles, even though he’s really just another young Frank Sinatra wannabe – he seems like a fairly down-to-earth bloke. Coz he’s Canadian, I guess.

    Okay, this has all been a fairly pointless comment, just my way of letting you know I’m back from my hols. Just in case you wondered why I’ve not posted on my blog recently – if you ever read it.

    p.s. I got the “like I said: individuals” gag…

  2. elsimmo Says:

    Bubbles is indeed a rather cool fellah – he has a good sesne of humour and is quite self deprecating with it. Although his music isn’t to my taste, I have to admit that he has a helluva voice and uses it well. Git.

    Canadaian riots – yes. In typical Canadian style several rioters have handed themselves in proactively and dozens of others have been ‘dobbed in’ by friends, neighbours and family! There are a number of websites dedicated to naming and shaming…very west coast and refreshing. Now I wish the local news programs would shutup about it!

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