Five month Camping vacation

So the prophet Mr. Camping has amended his forecast for the coming apocalypse. The phrase ‘No Shit’ springs unbidden to my mind. As do peals of laughter over the seemingly unconscious irony within his statement that ‘a loving and merciful god’ would (upon reflection over the monumental cock up) obviously not subject the human race to five months of suffering before the actual FINAL final, no-I-really-mean-it-this-time, date of October 21st. Mr. C proved that he is the total package when he refused to comment upon all the people who had listened to his prediction, believed it, and made themselves paupers either through donations to his organisations or other acts of penance/generosity as the end times arrived. He explained by saying that he was not offering financial advice, just spiritual guidance. I suspect that if he was not an 89 years old minister, someone would make it their business to punch him in the throat…all in all a ridiculous and sad episode.

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