How Now Brown Cow?

Today we travelled a short distance from home in  our trusty little pickup (we decided not to go for an example of the ubiquitous 5+ litre monster pickups to avoid remortgages in order to put fuel into such a beast) and went to collect a quarter of a cow. Fortunately the hapless animal had already been despatched, butchered and packaged for our convenience, but we still picked it up from the farm at which it had lived its entire life. Why? For a few reasons really; it’s nice to know about the life of the animal we plan to chow down upon; it’s nice to NOT be eating meat which has been quite literally living in a massive field of sh*t somewhere in North America; it’s a lot cheaper than buying the meat from the supermarket; it brings us into personal contact with local suppliers and finally among the top reasons is that we now have a chest freezer almost entirely filled with meat (pork as well) – we had to take some stuff out just to close the lid! This is the second time we’ve done this and I tell you that for the cost of two weekly shopping trips it feels surprisingly good to know that we have our protein needs looked after. Add to this that we are growing (mostly with my lovely wife’s enthusiastic efforts) a garden full of vegetables to help keep us going through the summer, autumn and winter, we hope to reduce our monthly food bills significantly. It fits with our aim to simplify our lives so that we don’t feel the pressure of the rat race beckoning us back.

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2 Comments on “How Now Brown Cow?”

  1. Do you think I’m too late to be potting out the tomato and spring onion seeds I bought way back in March?

  2. elsimmo Says:

    I don’t think so, but to be honest it’s very climate dependent – our spring has only just provided some decent temperatures so our stuff is only now going into the garden. I would suggest you go for it, as long as you look after them (i.e water the plants every day) they should be fine.

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