For the sake of all that’s…

I’d just like to say “aaaargh”. There, that’s better!

My problem? It’s the general misuse of the apostrophe that I seem to see everywhere. Oh yes, this is real grumpy stuff!

Now I don’t expect anyone to have perfect grammar (excepting teachers perhaps), but I am getting tired of seeing the humble apostrophe applied to every ‘s’ that is found to indicate a plural! Examples I see almost daily;

Donut’s, Pizza’s, Car’s, reason’s…the list goes on. There seems to be a whole section of the population that thinks an apostrophe goes in front of every ****** ‘s’! I’m not sure where or when this started creeping in, but it screams of a poor education every time I see it…(seem’s, think’s, scream’s)

To save me typing, here is the link to explain the actual rules…

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