Whether weather…

I’m lately becoming increasingly curmudgeonly about our forecasters. The current pattern seems to be;

  • Forecasters predict weather for up to seven days in advance.
  • Only the next day following the forecast is likely to be even in the ball park .
  • Second day of seven day forecast will be amended on day one.
  • Each subsequent day bears no relationship to the original forecast.
  • By day three, a total revision of original forecast (with no mention of the original)
  • Forecasters present themselves every day on TV in chirpy denial of how their predictions have been totally arse.

I’m not a meteorologist and I understand that predicting weather involves the planet’s most powerful super computers to run the models. But if they don’t know what the weather is going to be, would they please just be honest about it?  I mean we have a cable channel entirely devoted to the weather, and even they get it wrong just as often! I have taken to the old seaweed outside the front door approach…

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2 Comments on “Whether weather…”

  1. I see you’ve tarted yourself up a bit. Very you. Pale and understated.

    • elsimmo Says:

      Understated maybe! But pale? Only in the light of my laptop…I have a mild sunburn on the old fizzog courtesy of being oput on the lake fishing.

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