To start with, has anyone else (and I know I’ll be talking in something resembling an echo chamber for some time until this gets noticed) experienced how utterly vitriolic the web seems to be?  I was on facebook (yes I admit it), looking at a page apparently devoted to sensible discussion of atheism and theism, and what did I find? Racism, sexism, in fact many ‘isms’…I tell you I was totally ‘ism-ed’ out! The posts were mostly reasonable but a significantly large minority were aggressive, abusive, and downright bullying. I made the naive mistake of raising the issue and the snarling bullies pulled themselves into a pack and pounced. Very quickly it became clear that we were within a “be like me or f*** off!” group. Very sad as as well as being very annoying. What irks me most is that one or two of these bullies had their profiles available and all I can say is that the ones I saw seemed to belong to socially inadequate individuals in subordinate occupations and whom therefore appeared to be living out a different life online. Interesting how brave such keyboard warriors seem to be.

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10 Comments on “Firstly…”

  1. Hello there Elsi! I’m a regular Facebook user myself, and too be honest, it’s just become a tad boring, don’t you think? I’m sure you’re right about the viriol and the isms, I’ve just never bothered reading these kind of posts in the first place.

    Agree your comments about OBL – just another terrorist to us, freedom fighter to others. Someone else’s son, husband, father. And his death won’t change a thing.

    I shall follow your blog if you a) tart it up a bit and b) use paragraphs!

  2. elsimmo Says:

    Yep it IS becoming a bit repetitive, but I find it useful to keep up to date with folks I have left behind in the UK, and I have got back in touch with a lot of old friends using it. So it serves a purpose but I rarely find it entertaining.
    OBL – the media circus is winding itself up rather predictably about every detail of his death…sigh…

  3. Oh and thanks for inadvertently pointing out that when I comment, my “signature” on the comment takes you to a blog that I’ve never ever used. I just thought other bloggers were just being ignorant when they didn’t check out my active blog and comment on how witty, creative and unphotogenic I was!

    • elsimmo Says:

      INadvertent? It’s one of the most advertent things I did yesterday! You have an active blog?

    • elsimmo Says:

      Funny to see old school names – Kitch , Gaz Hill…is Sophie Nieto the daughter of Richard Nieto?

    • No, her dad’s name is Bernie Hearn, he’s a few years older than us, most likely a Birkenhead Boys school chap. And yes, Kitch and Gaz are still around. And I stayed over at Martin Pemberton’s place when me and Amy were in Washington last month. Oh and Dave Scott dropped round a few weeks ago. And Steve Brumfitt and Richard “Big Nose” Thompson drink in the local hostelries. I’m sure there’s more, as you’d no doubt expect.

    • elsimmo Says:

      Ah OK…yes not surprised to hear that you’re still in touch with lots of familiar names. Have there been any CGGS reunions? I’ve never attended one, wondering if I have missed any…we’re getting close to a thirty year anniversary. Not sure how I’d feel about it actually.

  4. Do you not check my Facebook updates!? Call yourself a friend!? It’s Kings of Inertia – go there right this minute and read all fifty posts!!!

  5. And get yourself a Gravatar while you’re at it! Desperate Dan maybe? Let me know if you need a hand.

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