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April 26, 2011

To start with, has anyone else (and I know I’ll be talking in something resembling an echo chamber for some time until this gets noticed) experienced how utterly vitriolic the web seems to be?  I was on facebook (yes I admit it), looking at a page apparently devoted to sensible discussion of atheism and theism, and what did I find? Racism, sexism, in fact many ‘isms’…I tell you I was totally ‘ism-ed’ out! The posts were mostly reasonable but a significantly large minority were aggressive, abusive, and downright bullying. I made the naive mistake of raising the issue and the snarling bullies pulled themselves into a pack and pounced. Very quickly it became clear that we were within a “be like me or f*** off!” group. Very sad as as well as being very annoying. What irks me most is that one or two of these bullies had their profiles available and all I can say is that the ones I saw seemed to belong to socially inadequate individuals in subordinate occupations and whom therefore appeared to be living out a different life online. Interesting how brave such keyboard warriors seem to be.


A new epoch in onblogwebbing is here…one where technological knowledge is anathema, where ignorance of anything trendy is a virtue, and where grumbling, grumpiness and curmudgeon-like behaviour is welcomed. Heh heh heh (hmm not sure if the first H should be capitalized or not, best leave it for another curmudgeon to berate me over)..

April 26, 2011

A new experiment to test the waters of the interblogosphereweb and find out just how many people there are who share some, any or all of my views on the world. I wonder how this will go?